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Athletic Director

Wayne Vezzetti

(360) 332-6045

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Athletics/Activities Mission Statement

Blaine High School is dedicated to Athletic/Activity programs that exemplify sportsmanship while striving for excellence. Coaches and students embody the principles of self-discipline, work ethic, and cooperative teamwork. Athletics/Activities are a way for students to become more involved in their high school experience, and provides students an opportunity to improve in areas they enjoy.

To be eligible for these extra-curricular activities students must satisfy specific requirements so as to ensure continued academic success along with athletic/activity opportunity. The requirements are as follows:

· Students are not to use, consume, or be under the influence of/or in possession of alcohol, tobacco, or any illegal substance.

· Students are not to commit any serious wrong doing which is detrimental to the team and/or school, to include hazing and sexual harassment.

· Students must be in school all day to be eligible for a contest or turnout that day.

· Academic eligibility is based on the previous semester:

o Pass 5 out of 6 classes with a minimum of a 1.5 GPA- Eligible

o Athletes who do not meet Blaine High School standards will be placed on a 5-week probation.

o Grade checks will occur for all athletes every three weeks. Athletes receiving one or more failing grade(s) or are below a 1.5 GPA will attend study table.

Call the sports hotline number at 332.0303 for information on scheduling of sporting events.