Blaine Middle School Internet Tutorial


This tutorial is required for you to use a computer and the internet while a student at Blaine Middle School. You have to read information, follow written instructions, and be evaluated on your work. When you have finished the tutorial, you will be given a user agreement form for you to sign, your parents to sign, and Mr. Bacon to sign. You will have one week to turn this agreement form in. If you have not turned in the agreement after one week, you lose all computer privileges throughout the Middle School until it is turned in.

Computer Account

Each student has their own account for saving files and using programs.  No one should log into your account and you should not log into someone else’s.  If you log into someone else’s account or someone else logs into your account, there are three consequences:  first time caught is no computer access for one week, second time is no computer access for a month, and the third time is no computer access for the semester, which is half the school year.

It is important to remember that nothing you do on school computers is private or for your eyes only.  Not being private means that staff and administrators can look at your files or see what websites you have gone to.  All of that data is saved.

Saving and Printing Files:

If you use Google Docs, files are saved automatically.  Chromebooks will print to only one printer in the library, the black one named MSLib LJM401. 

If you have to use Microsoft Word, do not save your files to the desktop or to the House Icon. If you save files to the desktop or House, you must use the same computer to open those files- they will not be available on a different computer.   Files should be saved to the DOCUMENTS folder only.

Printing directly from the internet can be slow and include pages you don’t need.  It is much better to copy and paste from the internet into a Google Docs document and then print.

Look at the printer name before sending the print job- it’s the screen that comes up right after sending the print command: command-P on a Mac or Ctrl-P on a Chromebook, or File-Print.

Internet tips:

The home page that opens when you click on an Internet browser should be the middle school library home page.  Here is the address:

If you need to print information from the Internet, copy and paste text or pictures into a blank Word document first.

Internet User Agreement:

The internet user agreement is a two-sided document that explains your responsibilities as a computer user while in Blaine Middle School. You and your parent/guardian must read this document, sign it, and then return it to the library where Mr. Bacon will also sign it.

When using the internet at Blaine Middle School, be smart about what you look for or view.  Remember that every place you go to is saved on the server.  Just because you think no one is watching doesn’t mean we can’t track you down.  If you accidentally get into a site which is questionable, contact your teacher or library staff.

Inappropriate use simply means it shouldn't be done.  Examples are:

*Downloading any files or applications without permission.

*Viewing hate sites or obscene or pornographic images.

*Viewing Facebook or Instagram.

*Using email. The only exception to this is the Gmail student account you use for Google Docs, where you will save files.

The user agreement must be returned to school with your signature, your parent's/guardian's signature, and then Mr. Bacon will sign it in the library.